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INVESA Productos de Sanidad Animal

INVESA Productos de Sanidad Animal

25|10|2017 Participation in the conference “Actual issues of cattle-breeding and their solution” The 6th of October 2017 in Minsk, Belarus

The 6th of October LIVISTO´s Technical Services Manager travelled to Minsk to take part in the conference "Actual issues of cattle-breeding and their solution". He participated with three lectures: "Heat detection, synchronization programs, and some factors that can affect fertility in cows", "Key problems of the dry period in dairy cows, metabolic problems, monitoring", and "Mastitis: predisposing factors, prevention, and treatment". A hundred and eighty veterinary practitioners joined the event, which was organized by LIVISTO together with the Vishelessky Belarus state institute. With the participation to the event, LIVISTO wanted to transmit its concern for the daily issues of cattle breeding, and to offer complete and effective solutions to the farmers and veterinarians. The conferences were live-streamed on YouTube (link at the end of the article) and simultaneously translated to Russian.




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