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Vaccine Rotagal Rotavirus, Coronavirus and E.coli K99 Inactivated vaccine against Rotavirus, Coronavirus and E.coli for cattle Cattle

Solution for injection for pregnant cows and heifers. 

Rotagal is an inactivated oily vaccine administered to cows and heifers in the last trimester of pregnancy (between weeks 12 to 3 prior to calving) in a single dose to provide passive immunity to calves via colostrum.

One dose of the vaccine (3ml) contains: Bovine Rotavirus strain TM-91, serotype G6P1 (inactivated), Bovine Coronavirus, strain C-197 (inactivated), Escherichia coli strain EC/17 (inactivated) expressing F5 (K99) adhesines and adjuvants.

To achieve optimum results it is recommended to treat cows every pregnancy and to feed all newborn calves with the pooled colostrum.

Presentations: 15 ml (5 doses) and 90 ml (30 doses).

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