Grupo Invesa

a LIVISTO company

INVESA Productos de Sanidad Animal

INVESA Productos de Sanidad Animal

Invesa (Industrial Veterinaria, S.A.) is a veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory belonging to Livisto Group. For the last 3 decades the company is devoted to the development, manufacturing and distribution of high quality medicines and nutritional products for animal health.

Invesa products are manufactured in Europe. The central headquarters and the production unit are located in Barcelona (Spain). Staff is formed by more than 130 people workers worldwide.

Invesa operates in different markets: Spain, Europe, Asia, America, Africa, and Middle East, as well as in the Russian market and former Soviet Republics. So it is present in more than 94 countries.

Invesa has a wide portfolio to prevent and improve health, production and welfare in different animal species:

  • Antibiotics
  • Antiinflammatories, Analgesics
  • Anti-parasites
  • Hormonals
  • Metabolism regulators
  • Nutraceuticals

To create high quality products and to develop a trademark that inspires confidence is not just a matter of technology. In Invesa all team is dedicated to create and develop our products, and that is what makes us different: THE HUMAN TOUCH.


Central headquarters: Barcelona (Spain)
Tel.: +34 93 470 62 71 Fax: +34 93 372 75 56